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1 Port Combo KVM over IP

Model: KCF-110-IP support question

The KVM-over-IP ( or IP-KVM for simplicity ) redirects local keyboard, mouse and video data to a remote administration console. It allows you to control one or many computers locally at the server site or remotely via the internet using a standard browser. You can securely gain BIOS level access to systems for maintenance, support, or failure recovery over the internet. Communication is secure via SSL authentication and encryption. Use in conjunction with a KVM switch for multiple-server access.

The IP-KVM provides convenient, remote KVM access and control via LAN or Internet.
It captures, digitizes, and compresses video signal and transmits it with keyboard and mouse signals to and from a remote computer. IP-KVM provides a non-intrusive solution for remote access and control. Remote access and control software runs on its embedded processors only but not on mission-critical servers, so that, there is no interference with server operation or impact on network performance.

KVM over IP

1. Manage servers around the world
2. Remote KVM access over IP or analog telephone line (modem needed)
3. Full control under complying with OS, BIOS level, during boot, or at Blue Screens
4. Remote mass storage control and redirection
5. Remote control over Java-Enabled Browsers
6. No additional software needed on client console side
7. Secure access through certificate authentication and data encryption
8. 256-bit SSL encryption of all transmitted data
9. Auto-optimize the frame rate and video quality according to the bandwidth     
10. Automatically senses video resolution for best possible screen capture
11. High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization
12. Firmware updated via web interface

KVM Transmission

1. Transmission of video signals with up to resolution 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz
2. 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 Bit video encoding, manual and automatic adjustment
3. Supports of all standard VGA and VESA modes (graphics and text)
4. Supports of standard MAC and Sun Micro modes
5. Emulation of mouse and keyboard over USB and/or PS/2
6. Compliant to actual KVM switches
7. Video resolution at the local port: 2048x1536 @ 60 Hz
8. Works with all state of the art web browsers (MSIE, Mozilla)
9. Remote virtual media emulation via USB (CD-ROM)

Network Access

1. Access via 10/100 Mbps LAN
2. LED for lin+A1k activity and 10/100 Mbps indication
3. Communications over TCP/IP port 80 and port 443 (reconfiguration possible)
4. IP-configuration via DHCP/BOOTP or static
5. HTTP und HTTPS (secure) Web Server
6. Access via telnet protocol
7. Supports of standard Hayes compatible modems
8. Speed of modem up to 115200 bps
9. Automatic adjustment of video compression ratio to available bandwidth


1. SSL encryption of all data with up to 256 bit
2. Support of SSL certificate management
3. Persistent logging of all important events
4. Up to 63 user profiles definable, three user levels
    (super user, administrator, normal user)

Further Function

1. Remote Power wake up on the target computer
2. Firmware update via Web interface
3. Intuitive GUI based on HTML templates