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USB to Serial Adaptor

Model: US111 support question
USB to Serial Adaptor

The USB to DB9 Serial Adapter provides the connection between USB and the traditional RS-232 serial port. The adapter is designed for connections to Cellular phone, PDA, digital cameras, barcode scanner, modems, or ISDN terminal adapters through your USB port. It is perfect for those need many serial devices attached to your PC.


1. Truly PNP compatible.
2. Complete RS-232 & modem control signals.
3. Support Hyper Terminal, Dialup Networking, Bitware, PC-Anywhere, applications.
4. Support Windows98/SE/ME/2000, MAC OS 8.6 or later.
5. Easy installation.
6. Works with cellular phones, PDA, digital cameras, modems, and ISDN terminal adapters.

Dimensions(L*W*H) : 56*30*15mm
Unit Weight : 60g
Cable Length : 1.8M
Connect Ports : RS-232
RS-232 Ports(DB-9) : *1
Compliant with USB version : USB1.1/2.0
Automatic handshake mode : YES
Power & Access LED indicator : YES
Power : By host power
OS Complies : Windows98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS9/X, Linux kernel 2.4.xx above