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Displayport Chainable Extender over CAT.5e/6

Model: DCE-100 support question
The DCE-100 is the latest high performance, cost-effective Displayport Daisy-Chainable Extender over CAT.5e/6, extended up to 100m between. DCE-100 supports Full HD 1080p, 1920x1080, video and daisy-chainable with high flexibility of expansion as consecutive linking for each additional 100m as many as you want.


1. Extends the Displayport signal by Cat.5e/6 up to 100m
2. Supports high resolution Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080@60Hz
3. Cascaded-chainable remote receiver up to 10 layers          
4. Supports RS-232 (Serial).                               
5. IR (Infrared remote) enabled.
6. Supports Local Displayport monitoring & Audio output ports.
7. Each receiver (remote) links cascade-chainable 2 receivers.
8. Bracket mountable.
9. No software or driver required
10.Hot plug & play supported


  DCE-100-TX (Transmitter) DCE-100-RX (Receiver)
Console Connectors Displayport Output DisplayPort (Female) DisplayPort (Female)
RS-232 Control Port Phone Jack Phone Jack
PC Connectors Displayport Input DisplayPort (Female) N/A
ExtensionPort RJ-45 Full HD Video / Audio Extension  
RJ-45 1 (Line Out) 3 (Line In or Line Out)
Cascaded-Chainable N/A up to 10 layers
Audio Supports High Definition Audio (HD) , Surround Sound
IR Uni-directional (from RX to TX)
RS-232 Bi-directional
LED Indicators Local Power Red LED
Link Red Green
Remote Power Red LED
Link Red Green
DDC Supported DDC, DDC2, DDC2B
Extension Cable Type & Length CAT.5e / CAT.6 Max. Length: 100m
Max. Video Resolution 1920x1080@60Hz, Full HD 1080p, 48-bit
Wide Screen Supported Yes
OS Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, Sun microsystems
Power Supply External DC 5V / 2A Power Adapter
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 115 x 91 x 28 mm
Weight 340g 380g
Housing material Metal
Operating Temperature 32 - 122F ( 0 - 50C )
Humidity 0% - 80% RH